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Radio Frequency Components and Antennas

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Orbis has long-term experience of RF cable products and other wireless network components. Radio Frequency components are used in wireless networks and in manufacturing of such network components. Nowadays there is a need for data transmission all around us - from machines to transportation. So the high quality of components is critical due to demanding environment.

Our own production in Estonia makes RF cable assemblies according to customers specifications on length and connectors. Cable assemblies are tracable with serial or batch numbers. All assemblies are tested with measurements depending on specifications.

In our wide portfolio of professional antennas there are for example broadband antennas which can transmit signals in many frequencies. It means that one single antenna and cabling is needed for e.g. GSM, WiFi, WIMAX and TETRA networks. This kind of in-building coverage is called as Distributed Antenna System (DAS).