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MTP cable assembly

The MTP cable assembly is used to connect multiple MTP modules positioned in an equipment rack back. Cable diameters vary depending on fiber-count but all breakout tails are Ø 3.5 mm. Cables systems are suitable for 24, 48, 72 and 144 fiber links.


  • Ready to use plug and play system
  • No splicing or connector assembly required
  • Round cable for easy installation
  • Colour coded to match fiber type (SM, MM, OM3 or OM4)
  • 24 – 144 fibers per assembly
  • Robust divider with screw-on or snap-fit mounting
  • Cable for indoor and outdoor use, with or without rodent protection
  • Tail diameter 3.5 mm round
  • Can be supplied as a cable coil, on cardboard or wooden reel