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SähköTeleValoAV 2016 exhibition


Dates: 3.-5.2.2016
Location: Jyväskylä
Orbis' stand: C2 519


Electricity | Telecommunications | Light | AudioVisual

About Orbis Oy

Orbis Oy trades products of Fiber Optic and RF technologies in Finland, Baltic Countries and Russia. Our products are used in wide range of professional wireless and fixed data networks. Orbis' own product development and local manufacturing operations complete the service.

Our webshop along and pick-up store serve our customers with express deliveries on http://www.worbis.fi

Our themes at the exhibition

Telecom operator networks

  • In-building networks (FTTH, Twisted pair)
  • In-building coverage networks
  • Data centers

More info on new products and campaigns will be published in January.

Orbis' presentations

In-Building networks (in Finnish)

Wednesday 2nd Feb 11:00
Account Manager Harri Mutanen, Orbis Oy, Watti, C2 hall

Datacenters (in Finnish)

Thursday 3rd Feb 11:00
Account Manager Mika Saukkola, Orbis Oy, Watti, C2 hall

In-Building Coverage (in Finnish)

Friday 4th Feb 11:00
Account Manager Jari Koskinen, Orbis Oy, Watti, C2 hall

Contact info

Orbis Oy

Phone +358 20 478 8600

Worbis store has moved to a new place


Worbiksen myymälä

On Wednesday 1/27/2016 Orbis’s web shop Worbis has moved one floor above the previous place. Address is still Kaarelantie 9, Vantaa, Finland, but now you will find Worbis Shop behind the door B. The new room allows us to serve our customers better as a delivery service. Orders still can be made using our website Worbis.fi and also instantly in the Shop.

Old shop area in the basement of the building will be used as the main Orbis warehouse. Moving of our storage to one location caused the need to move the Shop to a better place, because we wish that increasing of boxes, pallets and cables do not interfere our customers.

Orbis’s Shop and warehouse can now store the most commonly used indoor network and telecom network materials. We strive to maintain the basic assortment of optical fiber cables, pair cables, antennas and other products immediately available.



New website for the new year


Orbis' website has renewed on the last day of year 2015. Site operates now better on mobile devices.

A website is never totally ready and we will keep up developing this site also in 2016.

Happy New Year!


New: Orbis LC Duplex Uniboot patch cable for data centers


New and innovative Orbis LC Dublex Uniboot patch cable creates new standard for cable density in Data Centers. Cabel in diameter 2 or 3 mm has two fibers which takes less space than common Dublex patch cable. It is also easy and quick to switch polarity in the Uniboot patch cable. Orbis Uniboot is available also with installation boot which makes it easier to operate in high dencity panels and cross-connections.

More information