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SUCOFLEX 126 and Eacon 2C / 6C


HUBER+SUHNER has enhanced its microwave cable assemblies product portfolio with the low loss and phase stable SUCOFLEX 126 cable assembly and the extended field terminated Eacon cable. SUCOFLEX 126 combines the low loss and power of SUCOFLEX 104 with the phase stability and flexibility of SUCOFLEX 104 P. Eacon stands for a simple, flexible and fast way to assemble microwave cables and connectors in the field without compromises to the best performance.

SUCOFLEX 126 – 2 in 1 providing low loss and phase stability

SUCOFLEX 126 cable combines the low loss and power of SUCOFLEX 104 with the phase stability and flexibility of SUCOFLEX 104 P. Where low loss, joined with phase and amplitude stability is required, SUCOFLEX 126 must be applied. The cable assembly is applicable up to 26.5 GHz, provides excellent return loss, phase and amplitude stability as well as low loss. A wide range of connectors and crush resistant A-ruggedisation are available.

Product benefits

  • Precise measurements with highest stability
  • Higher signal integrity due to lower loss
  • Better phase stability and enhanced return loss
  • Excellent performance to price ratio
  • Stock assemblies available

Eacon – new field terminated microwave cable assemblies

HUBER+SUHNER extends its Eacon product range with new cables and connectors such as Eacon 2C and Eacon 6C. Eacon stands for a simple, flexible and fast way to assemble microwave cables and connectors in the field without compromises to the best performance. The new field terminated microwave cables and connectors are light and waterproofed, built for frequencies up to 18 GHz and ready for use in the defense as well as generally in the industrial market.

Product benefits

  • Easy and time saving assembling
  • Taking on site decision regarding length and configurations
  • Extremely reliable
  • Assembling tool kits available


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The Datacenter Forum in Helsinki 7th April 2016


Orbis will represent together with Huber+Suhner Data Center products at The Datacenter Forum Helsinki 2016. The event takes place in 7th April.

The event will be attended by 200 professionals from the datacenter sector in Finland & the Baltics. Registration is free of charge.

More information >>

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Are you looking for racks which do not bend?


Data communication and server racks with 19 inch width are the basic furniture in data centers and telecom distribution stations. The challenge is how to choose a high quality, cost efficient and scalable solution.

“These racks are really steady and they can carry up weight to 2000 kg “, Account managers Mika Saukkola and Jukka Korhonen reply to the question what is special in the new Orbis’ racks from Canovate. The reason can be seen on the demo racks at the lobby in Orbis headquarters. The metal frame is enough for a data communication rack but the frame of a server rack is made out of aluminum. Aluminum keeps up the shape even if the rack is installed with a lot of heavy hardware. Account managers ensure that also the price is reasonable with these products.

Can you open the door?

There is valuable data inside of a data center rack which anyone cannot be allowed to access. So in a modern rack the door is locked and it can be opened with RFID tags or even with fingerprints.

In many cases customer wants various features on the door. It can include holes in different perforation rates, be made out of metal or glass, set up to be right- or left-handed and even double doors are possible. If required the door can be changed to another easily – but first you must open the lock.

Can you assemble it in right order?

Naturally there are plenty to choose from walls and other accessories. The manufacturer Canovate delivers products to all over the world so they are familiar with all kinds of tailoring. For example dozens of racks for a new data center can be painted with other than basic black and grey colors.

Despite of multiple choices the rack can be assembled only the right way. Same elements are in use in different products from the manufacturer so after one rack customer will be familiar with the concept.

Welcome to view the demo racks at Orbis!

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SähköTeleValoAV 2016 exhibition


Dates: 3.-5.2.2016
Location: Jyväskylä
Orbis' stand: C2 519


Electricity | Telecommunications | Light | AudioVisual

About Orbis Oy

Orbis Oy trades products of Fiber Optic and RF technologies in Finland, Baltic Countries and Russia. Our products are used in wide range of professional wireless and fixed data networks. Orbis' own product development and local manufacturing operations complete the service.

Our webshop along and pick-up store serve our customers with express deliveries on http://www.worbis.fi

Our themes at the exhibition

Telecom operator networks

  • In-building networks (FTTH, Twisted pair)
  • In-building coverage networks
  • Data centers

More info on new products and campaigns will be published in January.

Orbis' presentations

In-Building networks (in Finnish)

Wednesday 2nd Feb 11:00
Account Manager Harri Mutanen, Orbis Oy, Watti, C2 hall

Datacenters (in Finnish)

Thursday 3rd Feb 11:00
Account Manager Mika Saukkola, Orbis Oy, Watti, C2 hall

In-Building Coverage (in Finnish)

Friday 4th Feb 11:00
Account Manager Jari Koskinen, Orbis Oy, Watti, C2 hall

Contact info

Orbis Oy

Phone +358 20 478 8600

Worbis store has moved to a new place


Worbiksen myymälä

On Wednesday 1/27/2016 Orbis’s web shop Worbis has moved one floor above the previous place. Address is still Kaarelantie 9, Vantaa, Finland, but now you will find Worbis Shop behind the door B. The new room allows us to serve our customers better as a delivery service. Orders still can be made using our website Worbis.fi and also instantly in the Shop.

Old shop area in the basement of the building will be used as the main Orbis warehouse. Moving of our storage to one location caused the need to move the Shop to a better place, because we wish that increasing of boxes, pallets and cables do not interfere our customers.

Orbis’s Shop and warehouse can now store the most commonly used indoor network and telecom network materials. We strive to maintain the basic assortment of optical fiber cables, pair cables, antennas and other products immediately available.