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New KYPROS module series for Category cabling


Huber+Suhner has published new high performance product portfolio for category cabling in Data Centers. Ready-to-use KYPROS modules are easy and cost effective solution for a data center.

  • Up to 10Gbase-T applications
  • PoE+ remote power compatible
  • For Cat6 and Cat 6A (250 ja 500MHz) systems
  • Assembled modules reduce installation time

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Quick-Fit plus by HUBER+SUHNER


Revolutionary Quick-Fit plus connector system

HUBER+SUHNER has developed a ground-breaking connector system for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). It is field mountable and offers an easy assembling with its one piece design. In combination with an all-in-one cable preparing tool for ½” corrugated cables this connector system can be deployed extremely fast. HUBER+SUHNER Quick-Fit plus connectors are available for a variety of plenum corrugated cables with N, 4.1/9.5, 4.3-10 as well as 7/16 interfaces.

Field terminated RF connector system for DAS

  • Extraordinary PIM stability
  • Fast and easy cable preparing process
  • Reliable "one click/positive stop" connector assembling
  • One piece connector design
  • Multi-brand cable compatibility

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Installation products for Data Center assemblies are now available!



Data Center installation products are available from Orbis right now!

Orbis provides the most common installation products used in a data transmission cabling solutions. Now these products are available also for Data Center Solutions!


Koldlok grommet

So called Koldlok products, which look like round or square grommets, are used to prevent air escaping through the seal and to keep the air pressure under the raised floor within the framework of the planned values. Grommets allow the cables to pass through the product squeezed slightly from different directions to catch the cable at the same time preventing the flow of air.

Products available from stock

  • Koldlok, square frames
  • Koldlok round, 4"
  • Koldlok round, 6"

Hotlok blanking panels

In a data center there are often server and data transfer racks waiting for the future installation.  Then, depending on the cooling solution, it may become a situation in which airflows threat to flow through the empty racks and as a result the cooling process becomes inefficient and data center energy is wasted. Hotlok products are usually cover plates (panels) with height of one or two units, which are used to prevent air flow in the wrong direction. The products are available in different colors and for example, with attached temperature strip.

Products available from stock

  • Hotlok 1U , grey, 10 pcs
  • Hotlok 1U , white, 10 pcs
  • Hotlok 1U , black, 10 pcs
  • Hotlok 1U , black, temperature strip, 10 pcs
  • Hotlok 2U , white, 5 pcs
  • Hotlok 2U , black, 5 pcs

Multifiber MTP products

MPO/MTP cables (data center standard) have 12 or 24 single fibers in one connector. The MTP is only possible connector for 40-100G data transmission speed. MPO/MTP cables with 12 fibers are immediately available from Orbis storage.

Patch Cords available from stock

  • MTP12-MTP12 OM3 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 m
  • MTP12-MTP12 OM4 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 m



OM3 and OM4 adapters

Multimode adapters available from stock

  • Adapteri LC MM DPX BEI 25 pcs
  • Adapteri LC MM QT BEI 20 pcs
  • Adapteri LC OM3 DPX AQU 25 pcs
  • Adapteri LC OM3 QT AQU 20 pcs
  • Adapteri SC OM3 DPX AQU 20  pcs
  • Adapteri LC OM4 DPX MAG 25 pcs
  • Adapteri LC OM4 QT MAG 20 pcs


Pigtails available from stock

  • Fiber optic SC OM3 12pcs 1,5m
  • Fiber optic LC OM3 12pcs 1,5m
  • Fiber optic LC OM3 2m 12pcs color set
  • Fiber optic LC UPC OS2 2m 12pcs color set


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IANOS® - Huber+Suhner announces new product line for Data Centers


In the data center there is a lot of data transmission between devices which equals to a lot of fiber optical cabling. The Data Center is a constantly changing and developing environment and therefore cabling solutions need to be modular and easy to maintain. The maintenance of fiber optical cabling is significantly easier if fiber optical cables are clearly identified and systematicly managed. The new IANOS system from Huber+Suhner is designed for this purpose.

IANOS consists of pre-assembled 2, 8, 12 and 24 fiber cable solutions with MTP connectors. The system includes best possible fiber densicity, ease of installation and scalability. Various data transmission speeds can easily be connected between from 1G up to 120G. This makes IANOS the best solution on the market for future needs.

  • High packing dencity of fiber cabling
  • Scalable to 40/100G future systems
  • Quick transfers, additions and changes
  • For 19 inch racks

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SUCOFLEX 126 and Eacon 2C / 6C


HUBER+SUHNER has enhanced its microwave cable assemblies product portfolio with the low loss and phase stable SUCOFLEX 126 cable assembly and the extended field terminated Eacon cable. SUCOFLEX 126 combines the low loss and power of SUCOFLEX 104 with the phase stability and flexibility of SUCOFLEX 104 P. Eacon stands for a simple, flexible and fast way to assemble microwave cables and connectors in the field without compromises to the best performance.

SUCOFLEX 126 – 2 in 1 providing low loss and phase stability

SUCOFLEX 126 cable combines the low loss and power of SUCOFLEX 104 with the phase stability and flexibility of SUCOFLEX 104 P. Where low loss, joined with phase and amplitude stability is required, SUCOFLEX 126 must be applied. The cable assembly is applicable up to 26.5 GHz, provides excellent return loss, phase and amplitude stability as well as low loss. A wide range of connectors and crush resistant A-ruggedisation are available.

Product benefits

  • Precise measurements with highest stability
  • Higher signal integrity due to lower loss
  • Better phase stability and enhanced return loss
  • Excellent performance to price ratio
  • Stock assemblies available

Eacon – new field terminated microwave cable assemblies

HUBER+SUHNER extends its Eacon product range with new cables and connectors such as Eacon 2C and Eacon 6C. Eacon stands for a simple, flexible and fast way to assemble microwave cables and connectors in the field without compromises to the best performance. The new field terminated microwave cables and connectors are light and waterproofed, built for frequencies up to 18 GHz and ready for use in the defense as well as generally in the industrial market.

Product benefits

  • Easy and time saving assembling
  • Taking on site decision regarding length and configurations
  • Extremely reliable
  • Assembling tool kits available


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