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25-26. Jan 2017 Orbis at Verkosto Exhibition


Welcome to Verkosto 2017 in Tampere

Verkostomessut 2017

Verkosto 2017:
The trade fair for professionals of Electricity and Information Networks is arranged in Tampere city in Finland between 25th and 26th of January 2017.

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Orbis Oy at Verkosto

Welcome to visit our stand at the place number A103, which is located right next to the main entrance.
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Orbis A103

Orbis' own production

Verkosto Orbis Tuotanto

Are you looking for tailored data transmission cables and connection boxes? Orbis offers our customers cable assemblies with connectors and lenght made especially with individual needs.

  • Fiber optics
  • RF
  • Hybrid cables
  • Power supplies
  • Mechanics

http://www.orbis.eu/company/orbis-manufacturer >>

Indoor data transmission – right the first time

Verkosto Orbis Kiinteistöt

Orbis gives you support whenever data networks are built - from quotations to the final measurement. Over the 60 years Orbis has been more than just a supplier – we are experts and a decisive partner in the data transmission business.

  • Indoor Fiber Optics
  • Twisted pair cables for your project
  • In-Building Coverage Networks



Verkosto Orbis Teletila

Orbis Teleshelter is ready-to-use distribution center for outdoors. It is made of weatherproof modules. Its walls are light weight and long lasting sandwitch construction. There are available four different sizes and many accessories.


Orbis' presentations

  • Wednesday 25th Jan 9.30 -10.00 o'clock Hall A
    "Right the first time -challenges and solutions of indoor data transmission"
    Harri Mutanen, Account Manager Orbis Oy. Presentation language is Finnish.
  • Wednesday 25th Jan 14.30 -15.00 o'clock Hall E
    "Cel-Fi: a smart solution for indoor coverage in small spaces"
    Pasi Hopponen Account Manager Orbis Oy. Presentation language is Finnish.
  • Thursday 26th Jan 10.30-11.00 o'clock Hall A
    "From idea to production - Orbis' manufacturing service"
    Jari Koskinen, Account Manager Orbis Oy. Presentation language is Finnish.

  • Thursday 26th Jan 13.00-13.30 o'clock Orbis' stand A103
    "Orbis Teleshelter - ready-to-use outdoor distribution center"
    Harri Mutanen, Account Manager Orbis Oy. Presentation language is Finnish.

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New product: Orbis Termination Box 6 SC


Orbis's plastic termination box for 6 SC smplex adapters for indoor use.

Size: 183 x 169 x 19 mm
Maximum splicing capacity: 6 SC simplex or 12 LC Duplex fiber optic cables
Number of ports: 2 ports and maximum diameter for cable is 10mm for one port
IP class: For indoor installation
Temperature range: For indoor usage
Standard equipment: termination box and mounting set (screws, 6 nylon cable ties, white roll of tape and 6 splicing protector sleeves 45mm)
Extra equipment: Adapters and fiber optic cables are not included
Installation: To the wall

You can make an order or find more information about this product by contacting Orbis's Sales Managers

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The most popular FTTH adapter holder


Nowadays the fiber optic is always brought to the new and renovated homes, so the high-speed broadband - Fiber to the Home - is available for everyone. Harri Mutanen from Orbis knows all about fiber optic needs, which are also close to his heart.

Harri who has a long career in working with data communication cables is a member of a FICORA's (Finnish telecom authority) indoor network group, which regulations for indoor networks in apartments and buildings instruct the building of a high-quality and durable network in Finland. From the material supplier's point of view the regulation still leaves a lot of options for practical work, for example, in the appartment four APC-polished connectors can be installed in various boxes, - tells Harri.

The most popular way of implementing indoor networks in buildings is Orbis' fiber optic adapter holder to be screwed into the apartment's IT cross-connection site. This FTTH holder protects fiber optic cables and welding joints and keeps them away from the people's eyes. Often quite small things make a significant improvement for the installation of a network component. So that Harri Mutanen listens to feedback from customers very closely: "We have customized this popular product so it's adapters now are at oblique angle, which will facilitate the final measurement. In addiction, we have increased the number of fixation holes for the feeder cable."

Do you want to check it out?

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Orbis FTTH adapter holder

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Order free Orbis's product samples


Sample 1 - FTTH adapter holder with APC set

a) Orbis FTTH adapter holder

The Orbis FTTH adapter holder is used at apartments cross-connection site. It has 2 places for SC duplex adapters. It is unpainted and metallic. Holder's dimensions are 122 x 115 x 25 mm.


  • The smallest possible holder for apartment cross-connection site, within fiber optic bending radius
  • Oblique angle to facilitate the adapter connection and measurement
  • Sufficient bending radius of the fibers
  • Additional holes in the holder's left side for cable mounting
  • Suitable for two SC Duplex or two LC Quattro adapters
  • Compatibility: Real estate indoor networks
  • Standards: Telcordia, ANSI, TIA/EIA, NTT and JIS

b) The set of fiber optic patch cables and adapters

The set for apartment's cross-connection site includes:

4 PC APC polished fiber optic patch cables 1m (4 colors: blue, white, yellow, green)
2 PCS Adapters SC APC DPX
4 PCS The joint-protective sleeves 45mm





Sample 2 - FTTH adapter holder with UPC components

a) Orbis FTTH adapter holder (same as in the Sampe 1)

b) Fiber optic patch cords SC UPC OS2 1,5m 12pcs                       c) Adapter SC UPC DPX BLUE 20pcs



Sample 3 - Orbis FTTH box and APC set

a) Orbis FTTH box


  • Place for 4 SC adapters
  • White plastic
  • Size 134x77x38 mm
  • For indoor installations

b) The set of fiber optic patch cables and adapters (same as in Sample 1)

Sample 4 - Orbis FTTH box and UPC components

a) Orbis FTTH box                                               b) Adapter SC UPC DPX BLUE 20pcs  


More Information:

+358 20 478 8600

New: Polatis automatises fiber connections


On 30 May 2016 HUBER+SUHNER signed the contracts to take over Polatis, a group headquartered in Bedford, MA (USA) and Cambridge, UK. Polatis develops, produces and sells all-optical network switches. The automatising of fiber connections enables flexible and fast changes in the network and reduces human errors. This innovative technology enables improved capacity utilisation in data centers and advanced data management in large telecommunication networks.

Totally fiber optic switch does not transform signals like an electronic switch. Signals are directed optically and on much higher performance level. Polatis products are the next step towards totally software managed networks (SDN environments). Typical applications for all optical switches are fiber layer configuratibility, grouped protection switching and tap aggregations for traffic monitoring.

At the core of Polatis optical switches is a patented DirectLight beam-steering technology that makes connections using compact piezoelectric actuators to align collimated beams of light from opposing arrays of input and output fibers with minimal loss, distortion or interference between paths. Alignment is maintained using feedback from integrated position sensors to ensure connection stability over time, temperature and external disturbances. Switching occurs completely independently of the power level, color or direction of light on the path, enabling pre-provisioning of dark fiber and avoiding concatenation of switching delays across mesh or multi-stage switched optical networks. Due to the fact that these devices are critical components on a network they are fully redundant (e.g. power supply).

Polatis optical switches include no mirrors, so insertion loss is at maximum only 1,5dB. Switches are available in sizes from 4x4 to 384x384. All connector types are possible, most used are LC and MTP12.

Huber+Suhner’s Polatis optical switches are now available in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from Orbis Oy.

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