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Industrial Cameras

Machine Vision is usually part of automation in production and it is used especially in quality control of manufactured products. The earlier the production error is noticed the less it is going to cost.

Simplest version of machine vision is a smart camera which can make pattern recognition, make measurements and read prints. Machine vision in robotics  helps to locate objects. Documentation of phases and amounts in production are also basic features for a machine vision system.

Quality control and traceability and many other factors have increased the need for identifying markings on products. In manufacturing and logistics tracing is made mostly with cost-effective 1D and 2D ID codes. Orbis provides image-based ID readers which are based on machine vision image analysis software. It enables e.g. decoding of damaged markings and multiple codes simultaneously.

Orbis have delivered since 1990s several machine vision systems for various industries.. Our product portfolio includes cameras, illumination, optics, smart cameras, ID readers, software and total test systems – and of course -  professional support.

Customer service

We include professional service to all equipments, components and total solutions. Orbis provides information to customers about issues such as technical features and compatibility in order to supply exact solution for the customer need.

Our customer service group and experts in sales operations make sure that no customer is left without assistance. Call us, send us email or let’s meet!

Contact Information

Phone +358 20 478 8600 customerservice(at)orbis.eu

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Well-known principals and own manufacturing

Our product portfolio consists of well-known manufacturers around the world. For example Orbis represents Cognex as local Partner System Integrator. Learn more about our principals on attached links. Our portfolio is supported by our own manufacturing operations in Estonia. It allows us to deliver customised solutions to local customers (e.g. cable assemblies) and guarantee the flexibility and timing for deliveries.