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Industrial and Areal Illumination

Industrial environment is specially demanding for illumination . Vibration, dust and temperature have an affect on duration of lights. Many times majority of illumination costs come from maintenance. That is why LED lighting is competitive choice due to its long life cycle. 

Raytec, based in UK,  are committed to being World leaders in CCTV Lighting. Raytec are at the forefront of lighting technology. All Raytec products use cutting edge SMT LED technology to deliver outstanding performance at low costs of ownership. Raytec illuminators are durable and long-lasting so they also fit well to machine vision applications and demanding industrial environments.

Addaptive illumination

Addaptive illumination in RAYMAX and RAYLUX models allows the installer to adjust the angle of the light projection from a single unit to fit the specific demands of any installation. Adjustment is quick and convenient and any angle up to 180 degrees is easily selectable.

Active LED life control

The New Advanced Cool Running system draws heat away from the LERD, shielding the LED from abnormal stress and allows products to deliver outstanding performance and consistency of illumination.

5 year warranty

All Raytec illuminators provide guaranteed long life!