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Fiber optic panels on video


Fiber optic panel videos

On our new videos Harri Mutanen presents 19 inch fiber optic panels with and without pre-assemblies. Turn on English subtitles!

Do you know all the details of a patch panel?

There are important features for installation work on a 19 inch fiber optic panel, which we show on this video.

OptoBoa carries information and power


The Finnish harbor crane manufacturer Konecranes is well-known because of its high quality, which is also required from the suppliers. Orbis’ specific deliveries include 3 meter long Orbis OptoFiber jumper cable, which contains both fiber and copper conductors.

Why do we need a jumper cable nick named "OptoBoa", which is an arm thick, weather-resistant, extremely heavy and on the both ends has 15 x 20cm sized modular metal connector? The answer was received from the city of Hyvinkää at Konecranes' design department.