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Three reasons to choose rear door cooling in data center


In the early 2000s, two new systems came into the market to cool down the data centers: in-row cooling and rear door cooling. Both aim to bring cooling closer to the heat source so that the solution is as energy efficient as possible. Both methods naturally have their own strengths, and both are in use in the market. The share of rear door coolers is on the rise, so we found out the three most important factors behind the popularity.

Soundproof cabinet

USystems Äänieristetty palvelinkaappiSoundproof UCoustic server cabinet works as an independent data center. It allows rack-mounted active devices to be brought in to the office, reception or testing facilities where no noise is desired.


Polatis optical switch

Polatis provides all-optical network switches. The automatising of fiber connections enables flexible and fast changes in the network and reduces human errors. This innovative technology enables improved capacity utilisation in data centers and advanced data management in large telecommunication networks.



IANOS® grows with you

Huber+Suhner IANOS


Huber + Suhner IANOS® is a new system designed for a modern data center. It supports new fiber optical cabling systems which enable more capasity and manage large amounts of cables.


New: Orbis LC Duplex Uniboot patch cable for data centers


New and innovative Orbis LC Dublex Uniboot patch cable creates new standard for cable density in Data Centers. Cabel in diameter 2 or 3 mm has two fibers which takes less space than common Dublex patch cable. It is also easy and quick to switch polarity in the Uniboot patch cable. Orbis Uniboot is available also with installation boot which makes it easier to operate in high dencity panels and cross-connections.