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Reliable Data Center cabling and infrastructure

Regardless of the size of the Data Center, we help ensure agile installation process and stable functionality of the Data Center. We are more than just a supplier: Our experts give a support for a wise anticipation and evaluation of product characteristics and upgradability.

At the forefront of the Progress

Our modular and customizable products are easy to install and upgrade to meet your future needs. The top quality ensures the functionality of data transmission. If needed we tailor the products according to your needs in our own production.

React agilely

Our stock in Finland guarantees excellent security supply for orders of any size. We help to react quickly in unexpected situations. This raises the cost-effectiveness both of the installation process and of the Data Center.

Right the First Time

Our professionals help you to make sustainable solutions and avoid unpleasant situations, wheter you are building something new or renovation old. We are a reliable partner for installation companies, which also provide installation services.

Our Products for Data Center Solutions

Data Center Infrastructure

We provide a cost-efficient high quality products, for example racks which do not bend. The safe and functional set is ensured by high quality products that work according to regulations. Orbis's comprehensive product range also includes coolers, hot and cold corridor solutions and PDU power bars. You may also be interested in the installation service provided by Orbis.

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Our durable cabling is a cost-effective solution that secures the functionality of the Data Center now and in the future. Copper and fiber optic cables are terminated and measured at the Orbis's factory which speeds up the installation. MTP connector solutions enable 40 and 100G data transfer rates.


Other Installation Products

Order the installation products you need to build and maintain a Data Center. You will immediately receive from our stock the most common accessories, such as fiber optic cables, adapters, patch cords and panels. Easily assembled cable ducts take into account the special needs of fiber optic cables. There is also a cable ducts route planning service available.

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Huber + Suhner IANOS® system has been specifically developed for the modern data center communication needs. This system supports new fiber optic communication to achieve higher capacity and managing a large amount of cable. System is based on the MTP/MPO connector with 12 or 24 fiber in one connector. MTP connectors have the same size as SC connector, wherein the cable is significantly smaller thanin the normal patch cords.

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More information