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Orbis reduces the time of Data Center cable assemblies with new efficient measurement device


In May 2017 Orbis’s production acquired the MS12001 Multi-Media Fiber Testing Device, which enables the production of larger cable quantities. The new device was put into the service just the right time to meet the needs for OM3 and OM4 type fiber optic cable assemblies.

The production volume of multi-mode fiber optic cables has been increased at the Orbis production site in Estonia from the beginning of 2017, when the use of different fiber optic cables has become more common in Data Centers. Nowadays Data Center technology switches for the larger data transmission rates of 40 and 100 Gigabytes, so the capacity of fiber optic cables can make the requirements possible. Generally, the planning of Data Center is guided by energy efficiency and scalability for the future technologies. These give a direct influence for the data transmission cable planning, where the number of cables and cable ways are optimized as precisely as it is possible.

The Orbis cable assembly is tailor-made according to the customer's requirements. Cable is also terminated with connectors at the Orbis’s own production. This process is a very accurate craftsmanship. The reliability of the cable assembly is based on measurements made by the testing device. This ensures that the product meets all technical requirements. Cable assemblies produced by Orbis save installation time – which is a very important option, because Data Center projects have always a strict schedule.

Insertion Loss is measured in 2 minutes by 24 connectors

Canadian measuring device MS12001 manufactured by JGR Optics Inc., is a significant 30,000EUR investment made for the Orbis' production. However, this decision was made just in time to meet the fast-growing demand. The introduction of the device was fast because Orbis' production already had the same software on similar single mode testing devices. The device can be used to test light reflection and insertion loss. The second one is usually being tested with multi-mode fiber optics. Results are stored in a database and they can be printed to go with the cable if the customer needs this option.

The new device consists of modules, which include a 24-channel switch. That means you can test 24 connectors at the same time, while the previous measurement device tested only one connector at a time. “It takes only 2 minutes to measure 24 connectors, but much longer takes the cleaning of the connectors, checking the cleanness with a microscope and putting the connectors to the testing panel” – tells Asko Kaldas, the Production Department Director. So the measurement process is not going in 24 ways faster than before. “However, in the first week the process was accelerated already in 2,5 times. Now we are developing other parts of testing, for example we are purchasing a new microscope, which will show the tester if the connector is clean by green or red light, so tester won’t need to analyse the picture on a display anymore.”

The new device can now test aqua OM3 and magenta OM4-cables. Kaldas says “We already know how to make this device measure also the older OM1 multi-mode cables.” The employees of Orbis factory in Saue already are very glad about this new device and describe it like a “very good and fast!”.

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Data Center Forum Helsinki


Data Center Forum 2017

Orbis Oy partisipates together with Huber+Suhner to Data Center Forum in Helsinki at 9th May, 2017. We invite You to view our modern cabling solutions!

Registration to the event is on http://datacenter-forum.com/datacenter-forum-helsinki-2017/

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New product: Orbis Termination Box 6 SC


Orbis's plastic termination box for 6 SC smplex adapters for indoor use.

Size: 183 x 169 x 19 mm
Maximum splicing capacity: 6 SC simplex or 12 LC Duplex fiber optic cables
Number of ports: 2 ports and maximum diameter for cable is 10mm for one port
IP class: For indoor installation
Temperature range: For indoor usage
Standard equipment: termination box and mounting set (screws, 6 nylon cable ties, white roll of tape and 6 splicing protector sleeves 45mm)
Extra equipment: Adapters and fiber optic cables are not included
Installation: To the wall

You can make an order or find more information about this product by contacting Orbis's Sales Managers

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The most popular FTTH adapter holder


Nowadays the fiber optic is always brought to the new and renovated homes, so the high-speed broadband - Fiber to the Home - is available for everyone. Harri Mutanen from Orbis knows all about fiber optic needs, which are also close to his heart.

Harri who has a long career in working with data communication cables is a member of a FICORA's (Finnish telecom authority) indoor network group, which regulations for indoor networks in apartments and buildings instruct the building of a high-quality and durable network in Finland. From the material supplier's point of view the regulation still leaves a lot of options for practical work, for example, in the appartment four APC-polished connectors can be installed in various boxes, - tells Harri.

The most popular way of implementing indoor networks in buildings is Orbis' fiber optic adapter holder to be screwed into the apartment's IT cross-connection site. This FTTH holder protects fiber optic cables and welding joints and keeps them away from the people's eyes. Often quite small things make a significant improvement for the installation of a network component. So that Harri Mutanen listens to feedback from customers very closely: "We have customized this popular product so it's adapters now are at oblique angle, which will facilitate the final measurement. In addiction, we have increased the number of fixation holes for the feeder cable."

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Orbis FTTH adapter holder

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Order free Orbis's product samples


Sample 1 - FTTH adapter holder with APC set

a) Orbis FTTH adapter holder

The Orbis FTTH adapter holder is used at apartments cross-connection site. It has 2 places for SC duplex adapters. It is unpainted and metallic. Holder's dimensions are 122 x 115 x 25 mm.


  • The smallest possible holder for apartment cross-connection site, within fiber optic bending radius
  • Oblique angle to facilitate the adapter connection and measurement
  • Sufficient bending radius of the fibers
  • Additional holes in the holder's left side for cable mounting
  • Suitable for two SC Duplex or two LC Quattro adapters
  • Compatibility: Real estate indoor networks
  • Standards: Telcordia, ANSI, TIA/EIA, NTT and JIS

b) The set of fiber optic patch cables and adapters

The set for apartment's cross-connection site includes:

4 PC APC polished fiber optic patch cables 1m (4 colors: blue, white, yellow, green)
2 PCS Adapters SC APC DPX
4 PCS The joint-protective sleeves 45mm





Sample 2 - FTTH adapter holder with UPC components

a) Orbis FTTH adapter holder (same as in the Sampe 1)

b) Fiber optic patch cords SC UPC OS2 1,5m 12pcs                       c) Adapter SC UPC DPX BLUE 20pcs



Sample 3 - Orbis FTTH box and APC set

a) Orbis FTTH box


  • Place for 4 SC adapters
  • White plastic
  • Size 134x77x38 mm
  • For indoor installations

b) The set of fiber optic patch cables and adapters (same as in Sample 1)

Sample 4 - Orbis FTTH box and UPC components

a) Orbis FTTH box                                               b) Adapter SC UPC DPX BLUE 20pcs  


More Information:

+358 20 478 8600